Derzeit sind die Funktionen auf Grund der Überarbeitung eingeschränkt. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis. + + +


We are there for you even in the currently very challenging times!

Maintaining our ability to deliver medical devices for oxygen insufflation and security of supply for products with regard to medical gases (especially oxygen),for hospitals, health care facilities and emergency centers currently being planned is currently a top priority.

In the past week we have adapted our production processes and capacities to the current situation.Due to our high level of vertical integration, we currently feel well equipped to be able to respond to the special requirements of our customers.

It is of course important to us that all of our customers are supplied in the short to medium term - at least with partial deliveries.

The basis for this is the health of our employees, which is of course close to our heart! Here, too, we will try to continue to respond to the dynamic changes and act individually.

At this point, a very special thank you to all colleagues who have agreed to special shifts in production / device assembly!!! We also thank our colleagues in the field. (see example photo - colleagues doing maintenance in the operating room on Friday, March 20th, 2020)

Especially in such difficult times, the value of such a committed team becomes particularly clear.
Stay healthy and take care of each other!

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